Writing Center Testimonials

ThinkingStorm’s Writing Center launched in 2008 as a way to bring convenient, effective writing tutoring to students across the United States. Along the way, we’ve helped tens of thousands of college students improve millions of pages of writing. Our tutors have helped writers in classes like English, Psychology, History, and Nursing with topics ranging from Thanksgiving dinner to equine-assisted therapy.

Our commitment to complete student satisfaction is evident in the feedback we receive from our students:

    ✓ 99% report that ThinkingStorm is easy to use
    ✓ 98% rated the feedback they received from our tutors as very helpful
    ✓ 95% credit the Writing Center for their improved grades

We could go on for days about why our Writing Center gets such rave reviews, but it’s easier to let our students speak for themselves. Chances are, we’ve helped someone like you get better grades and improve as a writer!


“Just wanted to say that it is a great tool and the quick responses are great. I have used another online resource and they did not respond nearly as quickly, so thank you. They have given me very detailed advice on where to improve.” J. W., English 111

“The Writing Center recommended self-help articles to me, and I appreciated that. I have recommended the center to my classmates and I know that they have been satisfied with the service.” M. J., History 200


“I appreciate the consistent feedback from my tutor, who helped me understand APA format and provided rationale for editing changes. She gave positive feedback in a timely manner, which boosted my self-confidence. She explained the corrections in a manner I could understand and I finally learned when to use commas and semicolons. She also helped me organize my ideas into a logical, concise flow. I enjoy researching and writing and Megan helped me improve my style format for my research proposal.” P. L., Psychology 375

“I really liked ThinkingStorm’s Writing Center. It has helped me to see where and how I was making mistakes. If classmates asked me what I thought about the Writing Center, I would tell them that it is excellent. I would recommend it to anyone who is having trouble with writing an essay. The tutors are great and they really give positive feedback!” L. H., Sociology 115


“I am so pleased with the work the ThinkingStorm group does. They have been wonderful. Even when I submit a day before final submission, I get a response. It's helped me to be more focused and critical in my writing.” S. C., Nursing 429

“I am in the MSN program for nursing. I give ThinkingStorm's Writing Center my highest recommendation. I have learned a great deal about some errors I have made for years. I did not realize that I had frequent errors in mismatching my verbs. I honestly think that I would have received a grade lower on many of my papers due to errors. The explanations were particularly helpful in understanding why each item was not correct.” R. B., Nursing 475


“I always get good feedback and grammatical/APA corrections on my papers. Overall, the Writing Center has been very helpful during my MBA studies.” M. G., Business 450