Pricing & FAQ

What is ThinkingStorm’s Writing Center?

We launched the Writing Center in 2008, and from day one, we’ve done writing help differently. We don’t simply proofread your work and make changes; our tutors take an instructional tone and use your writing as a teaching opportunity. Instead of fixing things without an explanation, we point out mistakes, clarify them, and teach you how to avoid them in the future. Writers can use ThinkingStorm to get help on their work and invest in their lifelong writing skills.

How does the Writing Center work?

We aim to provide writing help that’s convenient, affordable, and effective. You submit your work and our tutors will return your original document(s) with comments and suggestions on a variety of categories, including grammar and mechanics, thesis strength, organizational clarity, formatting, and other useful areas. Writers in a wide range of fields, including English, History, Nursing, Law, Business, Science, and more use the Writing Center for help with their written work.

Is the Writing Center a proofreading service?

Not exactly. We do point out your errors and show how to correct them, but we won’t necessarily fix every missing comma in your work. We understand the importance of grammar and spelling, but we also know it’s most helpful to address your work as a whole. Is it organized? Do your ideas flow together properly? Do you make a convincing argument? We evaluate your entire work from the ground up so we can offer comprehensive feedback. The ultimate goal of writing is not simply the avoidance of errors, but rather the clear expression of your ideas and arguments.

Who are the tutors?

We know that the best tutors combine writing expertise with teaching skill, which is why we hire applicants with excellent writing skills and significant teaching/tutoring experience. Most hold advanced degrees, and all undergo training and certification in our online tutoring pedagogy. On average, each tutor has handled tens of thousands of pages from writers across the country.

When is the Writing Center available?

The Writing Center is open for submissions 24/7/365. You can send us your essay any time and feel confident that you’ll get expert help within whichever timeframe you select.

When will I get my work back from the Writing Center?

It’s up to you! We offer several flexible turnaround options depending on your timetable:

    ✓ 6-Hour Expedited Service*
    ✓ 12-Hour Premium Service
    ✓ 24-Hour Standard Service

Each option carries our full guarantee; if it takes us longer than your chosen turnaround time, the essay will be free of charge.
*6-Hour Expedited Service may not be available 24/7. Please check our Worry-Free Guarantee for more details.

How much does ThinkingStorm’s Writing Center cost?

Pricing depends on the turnaround time you select, but our formula is simple. Our submission form automatically measures the length of your paper and applies our pricing based on page and word count (1 Page = 275 Words):

    ✓ 6-Hour Expedited Service: ¢ per word (approx. $11/page)
    ✓ 12-Hour Premium Service: ¢ per word (approx. $9/page)
    ✓ 24-Hour Standard Service: ¢ per word (approx. $7/page)

We believe in transparency, so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be charged before you send us your work. There won’t ever be any extra charges, hidden fees, or other funny business. Check out our Pricing Calculator for more details about how much our options will cost for your essay.
*Unusually short essays will incur flat rate pricing. For more details, please check our Worry-Free Guarantee.

How do I get my work back from the Writing Center?

When our writing tutor finishes reviewing your work, he/she emails it back to you using the contact information you provided with the original submission. You can also download your completed essays directly from the Writing Center homepage by accessing the "Pick Up My Essay" tab.

Why should I use ThinkingStorm’s Writing Center?

Since 2008, we have taught tens of thousands of students to become better writers. In the process, we’ve handled millions of pages of writing on just about every conceivable topic. Our students love:

    ✓ Our instructional focus, which empowers students to improve their existing work and develop better long-term writing skills.
    ✓ Our quick turnaround times and convenient 24/7/365 availability.
    ✓ Our affordable rates and simple submission process.

We’ve also made a 100% satisfaction guarantee the center of our commitment to fostering better writers. We bend over backwards to make sure you get what you need from our writing tutors.

Does ThinkingStorm offer any other writing resources?

Yes! In addition to our Writing Center tutoring service, ThinkingStorm offers a completely free Writing Resource Center. The Resource Center is a self-guided online reference that includes useful articles and quizzes covering dozens of common writing topics, including grammar and mechanics, planning and organizing, argument and clarity, and formatting. You may access the Resource Center for free 24/7, and our tutors will include links to articles and quizzes with their feedback on the work you submit.

I’m having trouble with the Writing Center technology. Who can I contact?

You can call our toll free Phone Support at 877-889-5996 (available 10am-6pm EST, Mon-Fri), or send email to Customer Care at 24/7/365. Please allow up to 24 business hours for email replies.