Peek Under The Hood

Transparency is a good thing. Many writing tutoring sites happily sell you their services, but don’t show you what you get when you sign up. Some simply breeze through your paper, changing things without explaining what they’re doing. It’s hard to understand why someone is changing your writing if he/she doesn’t explain your mistakes and describe how to fix them.

ThinkingStorm’s Writing Center doesn’t require such a leap of faith. Every submission handled by our tutors includes the following:

  • Comments Where You Want Them. Some services type their feedback in the middle of your sentences, but this becomes cluttered and confusing. ThinkingStorm’s tutors write their comments along the margins of your essay and clearly link them to the parts of your paper they’re commenting on.
  • Intuitive Lists of Steps. When you don’t know where to start, a clear list of directions always helps. Our tutors explain basic concepts, relate them to your errors, and then present the steps you can follow to fix mistakes and avoid similar problems elsewhere.
  • A Summarized Plan of Action. At the end of your paper, your tutor will concisely summarize strengths and weaknesses and offer additional instruction that might not fit neatly along the margins. After reading this summary, you’ll feel confident about how to proceed with your work.
  • Additional Resources for Targeted Review. Wonderful writing resources are available at libraries and on the internet, but finding the right ones for your specific needs is a chore. After reading your work, our tutors will provide links to free supplemental content, including interactive online quizzes, so you can continue honing your skills.

Click on one of the sample essays below to see what your essay will look like after our tutors have reviewed it:

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  5. Nursing Essay
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