Our Tutors

Excellent writing tutors don’t grow on trees, and they don’t only graduate from Harvard and Princeton. The best tutors are strong writers and educators, which is why ThinkingStorm only hires writing experts with actual teaching experience. Our Writing Center’s dedication to student satisfaction relies on three simple values that guide everything we do:

Balanced Feedback

Proofreading is a crutch. It fixes your errors, but you may never understand the difference between a colon and a semicolon if it’s all you get. On the other hand, editing services that rewrite your work are academically dishonest. By themselves, proofreading and editing make you dependent on someone else to write effectively. ThinkingStorm’s tutors help you break this cycle by explaining your writing errors and providing sensible lists of steps you can follow to avoid mistakes in the future.

Sensible Instruction

Writing is confusing enough without having to worry about obscure grammar rules and strange conventions. Our tutors focus on teaching you how to identify important concepts in practical ways. We identify mistakes, describe why they are incorrect, and explain how to fix them one step at a time. You’ll learn to write better when we show you how to apply abstract writing lessons to your own work.

Flexible Engagement

We’ve worked with tens of thousands of writers of all levels, so we understand that everyone needs help in different ways. Whether you’re struggling to write a paragraph or putting the finishing touches on your dissertation, we address our feedback to your specific goals and instructions. Each tutor’s feedback includes free supplemental resources based on your writing ability, giving you material that helps you grow as a writer long after we return your submission.