Our Approach

Shakespeare made errors. Hemingway needed an editor. An official translation of the Bible once proudly told its readers: “Thou shalt commit adultery”.

Just as every writer makes mistakes, every writer relies on outside feedback to fix them. Dozens of websites will invasively rewrite your paper. Others actually write your assignment for you, costing an arm and a leg (and your academic integrity).

These services miss the point; they help you revise your paper before handing it in, but they don’t help you become a better, more independent writer. ThinkingStorm’s Writing Center does both.

Our approach is unique because we believe it’s possible to help you revise your work while teaching you better writing skills. Our feedback is holistic and instructional, and every essay you submit to us is an investment in your short-term success as well as your long-term writing and communication abilities.

In a world of editing services that are good for the companies offering them, ThinkingStorm’s Writing Center is unrelentingly focused on its students. We offer affordable rates, flexible turnaround times, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Click here to get started and send us your essay. You’ll have comprehensive feedback waiting in your inbox in as little as six hours.