About ThinkingStorm

Our Company

For over a decade, ThinkingStorm's founders have owned and operated learning centers that have tutored thousands of students in the Washington, DC area. Built on this foundation, ThinkingStorm employs teaching strategies proven successful in the classroom. Our approach is simple: we combine intuitive technology with individual attention from expert tutors so students get necessary support when and where they need it. ThinkingStorm's Writing Center is affordable, convenient, and backed by millions of pages of effective pedagogy.

Our Experience

Since 2008, ThinkingStorm’s online writing tutors have reviewed millions of pages of work from tens of thousands of college students. Through this experience, we’ve learned that the best writing tutoring is more than simple proofreading, which is why we specialize in tutors with excellent writing and teaching skills. Writing tutors who understand how to teach are most effective at bringing important lessons to writers and students of all ages and ability levels. Our comprehensive, instructionally focused feedback helps students improve their work and learn to become better lifelong writers.

Our Technology

We use simple technology in order to reach students quickly and flexibly. Writers can submit a variety of the most popular file formats, including Microsoft Word, PDF, and Rich Text. Our tutors include comments linked to portions of each work, provide straightforward lists of steps, and link to supplementary resources on every essay. Students then receive their work via email within the timeframe they choose. Completed submissions can also be retrieved from our site. Our system is 100% secure and private.